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Haley Geffen is a six-time Emmy award winner, branded content specialist and live action director and filmmaker. She is also co-founder of Co_ed Studios based in Brooklyn, NY.


Haley supervises creative projects from inception through the final mix. She enjoys projects at every size. She’s produced Super Bowl Opens and Olympic campaigns plus six different Sunday Night Football Opens. Most recently, Haley directed a series of commercials for GEICO, a female filmmaker series for Vanity Fair & AT&T Hello Labs and the 2020 brand film campaign for NBC Universal.


Haley’s directing work has been featured in Free the Work and a University of Michigan profile that she’s abnormally proud of.


Haley has two daughters and a husband. She keeps all of them in a small zoo in Brooklyn under the care of her dog Gizmo.


Her clients include: Nike, Under Armour, Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Lakers, Hewlett-Packard, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Viacom, Comedy Central, NBC Universal, NBC Sports, NBC Olympics, Discovery Networks, Charter Communications, ESPN, Turner, Topps, Bloomberg, ABC, VH1, MTV, J. Walter Thompson, Facebook, Amazon Studios, HBO, Showtime, Gatorade, OxiClean, Starbucks, Conde Nast.




Alexis Kaplan

Co_ed Studios Executive Producer



202B Plymouth, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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